Baltimore SKYDIVE

A mindfully revised video of your skydive is the best method to recollect your tremendous experience. Your Baltimore Skydiving video will direct the tale of your first dive from start to finish. Every minute you desire to watch once again can be immortalized and set to music for the occasion. Generally, your video package deal will include a 5-7 minute dvd. Still photos may be included in your video package deal depending upon the dropzone you show up at.

Should I provide Advance Notice

The more warning you give, the more likely our team will have the chance to reserve the perfect time for your Baltimore skydive. We have to arrange staff to achieve your desires, and the advance warning helps us to better serve you.

Am I able to carry my personal camera?

Carrying your camera is definitely an option. Getting images during training or getting geared up ahead of time could be an excellent method to log the adventure, but taking pictures during the skydive just isn't achievable provided you will be substantially occupied throughout the skydive. It may be lost or damaged, and we find it's far better to leave all of the video production and photographs up to the Baltimore Skydiving network professional videographers. You'll be consumed adequately during the skydive, especially considering the fact that you're around 14,000 feet above the earth falling at a rate of 120 mph.

Will my friends and family have the ability to take photos?

Of course they can! Depending upon the quality of their camera equipment, they will have the opportunity to take pictures of you soaring down to earth below the canopy in addition to your fast, but steady, landing. Perhaps even pictures of you when you land to aim at recording the sensation you experienced to have successfully completed your very first skydive.

Is it achievable for my videographer to get additional people in my skydive video?

The lapse of time between 2 individuals jumping produces a substantial distance between them; making it unrealistic to film 2 or more individuals in a single video. The velocity a skydiver takes on increases notably after initial freefall. After a short time, he is going too rapidly for somebody to catch up. If an individual, say a videographer, were to jump from the aircraft with the very first skydiver, any individual who jumps out after him will be too far in the background. Attempting to film both would certainly make the second look like an ant in the background. Without having the exact shots in sky, the video will not have the personal feeling that can showcase what the experience seemed like. The personal connection is what helps make your Baltimore skydive into an appreciated memory. Have a hd video available to relive the adventure in its totality. Give our team a call at 1-800-314-4067 now!

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