Baltimore SKYDIVE

What finer method to remember your Baltimore skydive than to re-live it repeatedly with friends and family. Your skydive video furnishes an unique and different viewpoint to your skydive Every instant you desire to see once more can be captured and set to music for the occasion. The video of your 5-7 minute skydive will be burned onto a DVD for you and your family to view in your home. Still photos may be involved in your video package relying on the dropzone you show up at.

Must I provide Advance Notice

Due to elevated popularity of the sport, availability is proportionate to preparation before the intended date for your skydive. For this reason, the more time before your date, the more likely the day and time you want is attainable. We must arrange staff to satisfy your desires, and the advance warning enables us to better serve you.

May I bring my own digital camera with me?

You are encouraged to carry your own digital camera with you and get pictures throughout your Baltimore Skydiving network training course, having said that, you will be too occupied with your Baltimore skydive to care for your camera throughout the jump. It may be lost or broken, and we see it's far better to leave all the video production and photos up to the Baltimore Skydiving network professional videographers. You'll be preoccupied enough throughout the skydive, particularly taking into consideration the fact that you're approximately 14,000 feet over the ground dropping at a speed of 120 mph.

Will my friends and family be able to take photos?

Absolutely! They will have the opportunity to take pictures of you under canopy and throughout your landing. They will also have the opportunity to take close-ups of you shortly after your Baltimore skydive.

Is it possible for my videographer to get more people in my skydive video?

The lapse of time in between 2 people jumping creates a considerable distance between them; rendering it illogical to film 2 or more people in a single video. Whenever the first skydiver jumps from the airplane, his velocity escalates considerably. Following a short time, he is going too quickly for somebody to catch up. If someone, say a videographer, were to jump out of the aircraft with the first skydiver, any person who jumps out following him will be too far behind. In theory, even if a 2nd person made it within the photo, they would be making an appearance as a speck of dust as far as visual analyses go. Not to mention your video should be concentrated on you to heighten it to a more personal level. The personal connection is just what makes your Baltimore skydive into a treasured memory. Have a high definition video accessible to relive the adventure in its totality. Give our team a call at 1-800-314-4067 today!

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