Baltimore SKYDIVE

A thoroughly fine-tuned video of your skydive is the best way to remember your fantastic experience. Your Baltimore Skydiving video will reveal the tale of your very first dive from beginning to end. Their full skydive is revised to deliver an exceptional interpretation of the genuine experience, all the while incorporating music to help spell out the pace and experience of your skydive. The video of your 5-7 minute skydive will be burned onto a DVD for you and your family to watch at home. Still photos may be included in your video bundle relying on the dropzone you attend.

Must I call in ahead of time

The more warning you provide, the more likely our team will manage to reserve the perfect time for your Baltimore skydive. We must arrange staff to achieve your requirements, and the advance warning lets us to better serve you.

May I bring my personal digital camera with me?

You are encouraged to carry your own video camera with you and take pics during your Baltimore Skydiving network training program, that being said, you will be too busy with your Baltimore skydive to oversee your video camera throughout the jump. It might be lost or broken, and we find it's far better to leave all the video production and photography up to the Baltimore Skydiving network professional videographers. You'll be preoccupied adequately during the skydive, particularly taking into consideration the fact that you're around 14,000 feet over the ground dropping at a rate of 120 mph.

Will my friends and family have the chance to get photos?

Certainly they can! They will have the ability to get pictures of you beneath canopy and throughout your landing. They will additionally be able to take close-ups of you soon after your Baltimore skydive.

Is it achievable for my videographer to get more people in my skydive video?

Sadly, the time/distance void between exits stops a cameraman from having the chance to film more than 1 individual each jump. When the very first skydiver jumps away from the airplane, his speed grows dramatically. Sealing the distance in between a skydiver who jumps out prior to you is basically unwise. For that reason, a videographer will not have the opportunity to catch a 2nd skydiver in the video. In theory, even if a second person made it into the picture, they will be making an appearance as a speck of dust as far as visual interpretations go. Not to mention your video should really be concentrated on you to enhance it to a more personal level. The personal connection is just what makes your Baltimore skydive into a cherished memory. Remember every single minute in vivid quality with a video of your own. Call 1-800-314-4067 right now!

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